Bluegreen Val d'Amour Golf Club

Bluegreen Val d'Amour Golf Club
Nestling in the heart of Pays de Dole...

...Val-d'Amour Golf Club boasts a unique setting. At the confluence of the Doubs and Loue, the fairways are lined with large hedgerows of various tree species, including poplar, silver birch and willow.
The huge stretches of water are the playground of the swans, teals and kingfishers that are as familiar sights here as golfers.

For non-golfers, a two-mile footpath (two hours) takes you on a tour of the club and provides an introduction to this unique site created by the confluence of the Doubs and Loue.
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To help you progress, our golf club provides:


Practice zone
Putting greens
Pitching greens
Training bunkers
Training holes
  • Main course: Open
  • Greens Summer
  • Pin position Disallowed
  • Trolleys and buggies Allowed

Course status

16 october 2019, 22:14
"Everyday is a Bluegreen day"


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